Updated 2/1/2018:

All of our youth umpires have 13+ hours of training so far, and certification scheduled for next month, umpires will get in game training during the practice games scheduled for March 10!:

Elaine Dykhouse - Umpire in Chief
Roseville Girls Softball

Brief description of the Training program:

Each umpire is given a minimum of 15 hours of training prior to officiating his/her first game.  Follow-up sessions are held throughout the season to reinforce proper techniques, answer questions, and evaluate performance.   Training for umpires is held throughout January, February and March, and includes both classroom and field work.   Umpire training concludes with practice games.  Any manager or coach wishing to attend the umpire training in order to better understand the job of the umpire and / or the rules of our league are invited to do so.




We train you the correct way, the picture below is the wrong way: